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How To Measure Your website Domain Authority Score

Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority or abbreviated DA is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) which developed by Moz.  Domain Authority  has 1 until 100 score number given to your website with higher  is corresponding to a greater ability to rank.  

Sites with higher Domain Authority scores tend to get better search Google results. The higher of your website score means  your website is healthy. In order to increase your website’s Domain Authority score you need to improve your site’s search engine optimization ( SEO) with keep your URL the same over time and also age of your website.

Below is domain authority range value:
•    1-10 : Poor – New domain and need a lot of improvement and growth.
•    11-20 : Decent – Pretty website but it is not fundamentally sound.
•    21-30 : Fair – Good SEO fundamentals but still are some basic improvements needed.
•    31-40 : Competitive – Starting to driving traffic to your site. Now begin working on advanced SEO best practices.
•    41-50 : Good – Nice strides forward. Increase blogging consistency.
•    51-60 : Strong –Good traffic and is optimized well.
•    61-70 : Excellent – Great niche area of focus and has a lot of back-links.
•    71-80 : Outstanding –Top of all the search engine page results.
•    81-90 : Superior –Elite status authority. This is the highest your site will reach.
•    91-100 : Rare – Staple names — Wikipedia, Twitter, ESPN, etc

Now you can measure your  website domain authority score with Blogjak Domain Authority Score Tool made by Moz.  Click here  to know your score.